Frequently Asked Questions

How does FORCEFIELD work?

FORCEFIELD works by forcing the engine oil to flow directly over a special ‘multi-flux’ magnet where all iron particles are removed from circulation. The secret to FORCEFIELD’s remarkable effectiveness is in the magnetic filtration (see Sales and McPherson report).

Do I still use my existing spin-on oil filter?

Yes, FORCEFIELD is designed to screw onto the top of your vehicle's standard spin-on filter, prior to installing the spin-on filter to your engine. Because FORCEFIELD works for over 10 oil changes – when it's time for an oil change, you simply change the spin-on filter (and leave FORCEFIELD in place).

Why do I need to improve my oil filtration?

With the new generation of more highly stressed, high revving engines, you need to maximise your clean oil protection. You want your engine working at its best in the critical time BETWEEN oil changes. And the only way to do this is to BOOST the protective filtration of your spin-on filter by installing a FORCEFIELD inline magnetic filter on top of your regular spin-on oil filter.

My oil filter works pretty well, doesn’t it?

Standard spin-on oil filters work as well as they can – but their design goes back over 50 years. To maintain flow, all oil filters must be porous. The filter element has millions of tiny gaps to let the oil flow through, however, so do millions of microscopic wear-metal particles. These flow unimpeded back into your engine. Only FORCEFIELD's unique magnetic inline filtration eliminates these damaging particles.

What damage do these particles cause?

When the minute particles flow back into the engine from the spin-on filter – they are distributed to all parts of the engine – circulating within the thin film of oil that protect vital moving parts.

How small are these damaging particles?

Particles of between 5 to 30 microns (a human hair is 50 microns) gouge and pit mechanical surfaces causing abrasive and erosive wear.

Will FORCEFIELD fit my vehicle?

Forcefield is designed to be used with ALL popular spin-on filters and is suitable for almost every vehicle on the road, both new and used. Download the FORCEFIELD 'Quick-Fit' reference guide here.

How do I tell which spin-on oil filter my car has?

It is quite easy to work out which spin-on filter is fitted to your vehicle - either by a quick visual inspection or a call to your local service centre or auto parts store will usually advise you which filter to use. 

Is Forcefield expensive?

Because Forcefield is designed to keep on working for 10+ oil changes (that’s over 50,000 miles), FORCEFIELD is very cost effective. With normal use it equates to around $3 per oil change – not much more than a cup of coffee – which must be the cheapest way to protect your engine.

But I use a top quality synthetic oil.

Even the best synthetic oil, when dirty, will damage your engine. The solution is to keep your oil in as-new condition as you drive – by combining the porous membrane filter of your spin-on with the proven effectiveness of magnetic filtration.

Will FORCEFIELD void my warranty?

No. FORCEFIELD is designed to work with all types of vehicles, in all types of conditions. Because FORCEFIELD does not alter the way your engine works (it just improves the filtration), FORCEFIELD will not restrict oil flow or affect the vehicle adversely. In fact, it’s just the opposite –  the benefits of cleaner oil will result in longer engine life and better performance – with lower service and repair costs.

Can it ever fail or misfunction?

No. With no moving parts and greater oil flow than any filter on the market, FORCEFIELD is simply a better and more efficient way to filter your oil. FORCEFIELD is also designed to work at its best for OVER 50,000 miles.

Can it do any damage?

No. When properly installed and maintained, FORCEFIELD will not cause damage. However, when it is installed on your vehicle you must ensure that the spin-on filter does not protrude below the underside of the car (if mounted on the bottom of the engine block).

My car is brand new – will it make any difference?

The first few months are a critical period in the life of your engine. It is then, when vital components are ‘bedding in’ (actually wearing together at high speed), that many millions of microscopic metal fragments are formed. It has ben proven that FORCEFIELD can ina few short hours .

What if I forget to change it.

While we recommend you change your FORCEFIELD magnetic filter every 50,000 miles (approx 10 oil changes), FORCEFIELD's unique design means that it will not clog under normal operating conditions.

Do I need a mechanic to install it?

FORCEFIELD can easily be installed in minutes by anyone who is familiar with changing their own oil filter – or it can be done at your regular auto service center, QuickLube or other service outlet. It’s as easy as spinning on the filter.

Where can I get it?

For more information or if you wish to order the product:

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